Acupuncture Facial Revitalisation

Cosmetic acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China but has only really taken off in the West over last five years.

Facial revitalisation acupuncture is gaining popularity with those wanting to revitalise and refresh the appearance of their skin.

Acupuncture cannot slow down, reverse or relieve the superficial signs of ageing but it can temporarily revitalise and refresh your skin’s appearance.

Whilst there can often be an aesthetic outward change of appearance, facial acupuncture can also make you feel more positive and relaxed which are important factors that can affect your overall appearance.

What to expect

The acupuncturist will enquire about your general health, diet and sleep patterns.

He or she may check your pulse and also press gently on various acupuncture points on the body to check for tenderness or pain.

Sterile acupuncture needles will be gently inserted into the facial area, legs and feet. For many clients this induces a tingling feeling and sense of deep relaxation.
Acupuncture needle
As with all complementary therapies, we recommend you seek the advice of your GP or regular medical practitioner before committing yourself to significant therapies, especially those that are physically invasive.

Practitioner profile & prices:

Peter Salt-Berrymen

Peter Salt-Berrymen