Cally's off to a flying start


Cally has now moved into her Puppy Walker’s house in Kent, and in these crucial months she will be introduced to lots of new experiences, like going to shops and restaurants and using public transport. She will also be taught basic obedience commands such as “sit", “stay”and “wait”.

We are told that Cally’s basic obedience training is coming along nicely and she was recently awarded her Bronze Kennel Club certificate, which is amazing for such a young age.

Lorna, Cally’s puppy walker has already taken her on some public transport to get her used to the busy sights and sounds ready for the future.

“She behaved brilliantly on the bus” Lorna told us “and we are planning her first journey on a train next month - we are sure that Cally won’t disappoint”.

Next month Lorna and the other puppy walker Stephen will be taking Cally and Clio (another puppy in training with her) on holiday. They will be spoilt with lots of free runs, but will also be practising some of their newly learnt commands.

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